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Catering & Events weren't in the original Mila business plan, but so many customers have asked us “do” special events that catering now has its own email address!

We can host you at the cafe or bring a taste of Mila to your venue of choice. Either way we will tailor an event for you: we don’t have set menus, and we can do almost anything within the bounds of your imagination and budget.

The cafe has been the venue for birthday, business, and celebratory dinners; naming ceremonies, christenings, kids’ parties, and even a wake or two.

Pushing the boat out a little we have also recently hosted:
A Gatsby-themed cocktails & canapés party for 100 guests
A 4-course, silver-service formal 50th dinner for 50
An exhibition of photography with canapé reception

Outside catering is something we do on request, especially if Royalty or the Mayor or other persons of high standing and influence are involved; but we also do the odd event at outside venues for folk like our regular customers.


 Mila themed dinners are a regular indulgence; a blend of our own tastes, travel experiences, other people’s ideas, and recipes purloined from a range of sources (including popular books), and they tend to be lots of fun.
We have been to California, Russia, South Africa, Jerusalem, Kerala, Morocco and Syria (partly in aid of the Unicef Childrens' Fund)