Seasonal Yoga with Louise Smith

 Starting - Thursday 8th June 11-12:15 PM

20 years ago, I walked into a small studio in London for a 90 minute Ashtanga class with Liz Lark (www. It couldn't have been a better starting place for my personal yoga journey. Having spent many years training in dance I immediately connected with the physicality and flow of the postures.

I continued to explore the practice by taking an Iyengar course at The Iyengar Yoga Institute in London and finding classes or self practicing wherever I happened to be travelling. As a model it was great for staying fit and flexible, as an actress it complemented various method practices, voice classes and improvisation, it allowed for a freedom of movement and calmed my nerves before auditions and filming. As a mother I found it invaluable during my pregnancies and labour.

Over the years I’ve discovered that Yoga is so much more than the movement that first drew me in. Layering onto a physical practice I’ve found Pranayama techniques and meditation to be wonderful tools for feeling focused and having more clarity, for remaining calm. I’ve loved exploring the philosophy of yoga, studying anatomy and gaining a deeper understanding of how yoga can improve general health and well being.

I’ve also found a passion for teaching. Studying with the charismatic trio of Julie Hanson, Sue Woodd and Marit Akintawe at Seasonal Yoga (, I gained my Yoga Alliance 200 hr certificate and had the added benefit of exploring the ideas of TCM and traditional energy practices.

For my classes I like to weave all that I have learnt into a creative flow of postures focusing on the breath and alignment with an emphasis on the energy of the Season. For example, using elements of TCM alongside Yoga, Spring practice is about rising energy and detoxing whilst Winter is calming and rejuvenating, reflecting what is going on around us in nature.

I’m continually amazed at how Yoga can make us think differently, feel differently and approach life differently. It is intrinsically linked to our health and wellbeing and with it’s incredible history, Yoga is a tried and tested method of tapping in to a multitude of benefits. I love passing on this wonderful life enhancing practice.

“Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul creates the symphony of life.” BKS Iyengar


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