‘Healthy & Homely’. We make everything on the menu right here, and use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. Whether it’s in a freshly squeezed super-juice or Vegan Soul Bowl what you get is fresh and delicious. Healthy food you can trust. Sit back, relax, enjoy.

Breakfast & Brunch

Fresh pastries on the counter
Toast & jam, honey, peanut butter 2.50
Crunchy granola served with yoghurt + toasted grains, seeds & dried fruit 5.50
Seasonal fruit compote with yoghurt 3.50
Superbowl: Granola, fruit & yoghurt 4.50
Porridge jumbo oats 4.50 made with milk
Add dried fruit or honey, seeds or banana +50p
Baked banana with yoghurt or maple syrup 4.00
Non-dairy milk and/or yogurt 60p extra  

Create your ideal Brunch
Half an avocado 1.80  Saffron & turmeric humous 1.50
Falafel (spinach & kale) 1.50  Roast tomato 1.00 Giant pesto mushroom 1.00
Rosti potatoes 1.00  Grilled halloumi 2.50
Home-made baked beans - rich, saucy & delicious 1.00
Eggs: poached 1.20  Scrambled 3.00
Toast: one round 1.80  White or Brown Artisan sourdough from the Hungry Guest


Served in a wrap, open on sourdough, or toasted
Humous, mint, vegetable ribbons 5.50
Fresh pesto, ricotta cheese or cashew pate, roast cherry tomatoes 6.50
Avocado, beetroot, dill & sprouts 7.50

Falafel in pita 6.50
Home-made falafel with humous & crunchy salad in a warm pita

LUNCH (11.30-2.30)

Soup of the day 5.80 with sourdough bread
SOUL BOWL of the day 9.50
Stuffed vegetable of the day 6.50



Avocado, spinach, squash & toasted walnut 7.50
Add: Poached egg 1.20   Grilled halloumi 2.00

JUICES  Vitality in a glass, freshly made to order

ONLY ORANGE: Freshly squeezed OJ, nothing more 3.20
KICKSTARTER: Apple, kale, celery, cucumber, parsley 4.00                                                            
a great start to the day: refreshing & energy boosting
MEGA DETOX: Apple, carrot, ginger, celery, cucumber 4.20
the name says it all- a great way to detox & cleanse
HEART BEET: Apple, carrot, orange, ginger, beetroot, lime 4.20
the queen of juices- good for your ticker and much more: skin, digestion & blood pressure
ZINGER: Apple, lime, lots of ginger, mint 4.00
zip & zing in a glass- a perfect pick-me-up and immune booster
ALKALISER: apple, kale, cucumber, celery, carrot, lemon 4.00
keeps your PH in balance


with apple juice 4.00   milk 4.00   non-dairy milk 5.00

VERY BERRY: Mixed berries, banana, apple juice
TROPICAL: Mango, orange,  guava juice, honey


We will gladly make up a half portion of anything for half the price

or choose from

Humous, crudités, toast fingers  4.50                                                                                                                                                                        Avocado, carrot & cheese wrap  4.50

Home-made Beans on toast 4.00


Builder’s tea (with a bag) £1.50
Decaf Tea £1.60
Organic, loose-leaf tea

A mug £1.70, A pot for 1 £2.70,
for 2 £3.50, for 3 £4.50

Proper tea (English Breakfast)
Earl Grey
Green tea & rose
Osprey Gunpowder Green
Special Blends


Kushti Bushtea (Rooibos)
Teaheehee (Hibiscus,
rosemary, orange),
Zestea (Tangy citrus)
Smartea (Sage, gingko
biloba, red clover)
Fresh Mint, Fresh Ginger
Moroccan Mint Tea
(made the traditional way)
for 1 £3, for 2 £5
Iced Tea
Raspberry, lemon, peach £1.50


Espresso-based coffees and special Filter- roasted & blended by CUPSMITH

Our regular size is a double shot,
small & Large also available
Espresso £1.75 or £2.25
Macchiato £1.95 or £2.25
Piccolo £2.30
Americano £2.25
Hot Chocolate £2.75
Chai Latte £2.65
Babycino, plain or choc £1.50
Iced coffee, Latte or
Americano £2.65
Syrups add 30p
Vanilla, hazelnut, caramel
Non-dairy add 40p
Soya, almond, coconut


All our scrumptious cakes are
home made and fresh daily.
Favourites include Jodi’s signature Raspberry & coconut cake and the best Bakewell tart south of Derbyshire, Mrs Porter’s amazing millionaires’ shortbread, and Sally’s incomparable Fig & Ricotta cake.
There is always a gluten-free cake
on the counter and we can advise
what’s best for special diets
and intolerances.